Market-X Conference & Expo in partnership with Gaia-X Hub Austria

Connect people and ideas to create the future with us! Market-X is the networking event of Gaia-X Project Verticals, Gaia-X Hubs and Gaia-X Lighthouse Projects.

The Market-X Conference & Expo, organised by Gaia-X, will be held in Vienna on 14 and 15 March 2023 and is an unbeatable networking event to discover and comprehend the Gaia-X Standards, generate enthralling Gaia-X communities and join X-industry projects. Attending this event is highly valuable as you can gain a deep understanding of the Gaia-X projects, HUBs, verticals, and Lighthouses.

Gaia-X Project offers an opportunity for you to collaborate with partners, get assistance on building products, or connect with technology companies in order to begin utilising your Gaia-X Product.

As a Start-Up, you can leverage the Gaia-X platform to interact with professionals and supporters. Take this opportunity to understand the motivations of our members who are dedicated to developing the Gaia-X Framework. Make the most of this inspiring environment by expanding your network and forging connections with the Gaia-X community.

Take advantage of this chance and explore the possibilities!
• Experience the Innovation Community of the Future
• Start Cross-Industry Collaboration
• Network with Ease
• Be Part of a Larger Movement

More information and registration here.

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